Through a glass darkly

Recently, I went back to the church, and thought how strangely unsatisfying stained glass is from the outside.

Then as I crept closer, I wondered if I might see through the window to the stained glass on the other side.

I pressed my iPhone to the window and took this rather bleak photo.

Then I popped around the church to do the same thing from the other side – hoping that the afternoon light would shine through more strongly from the south.

It did, but the photo was not exactly cheerful.

I wondered what the Israelites might have thought, in their Babylonian exile, if one of them had been able to pop back and sneak a photo of the inside of Solomon’s temple.

Now that the clergy have been allowed back inside, the church looks much better.

If the exiles in Babylon had been able to watch Facebook Live, and so on, perhaps there would have been less wailing and gnashing of teeth…?

Sorry if this seems frivolous. I have been sitting on these bleak photos while the church was out of access, and now that it’s back in use I suppose I’ve cheered up a bit.