Memories of Hampstead

Sandro Gogidze goes to school in Hampstead (or did, before the pandemic). He is also a member of the choir.

His father Zurab works in Highgate. Kept away by the restrictions of lockdown, they have sent beautiful images, and words of explanation.

“My two favorite places in London are Hampstead and Highgate,” writes Zurab.

“It was lucky that in recent years I happened to be there a lot: In Hampstead my son goes to school and church choir, in Highgate I work. I am longing to be back to normal life, to those beautiful places and the people I would meet there every day.

“Staying at home together with my family though, I find myself in a very supportive and positive atmosphere. This allows me to keep optimistic, and find positive, creative use of free time.

“Here I offer to your attention pieces of drawing that are inspired by the places, so precious to me.”

Sandro too has sent us drawings.

“During this quarantine phase I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. And besides the online school meetings and homework, I try to commit more time to creativity. As ideas rush to my head, I draw them in shapes as doodles.”